2009 - 2010 at BFT

10/29/09 - 11/14/09
by A. R. Gurney

A son comes home with an announcement: he has written a play - about the family. The self-obsessed family is eager to hear all about it, but as the details emerge, be ready for a heady mix of comedy and dramatic tension.

Douglas O'Neil, Jr. and Holly Hamm. Douglas O'Neil, Jr. and Linda Nelson. Douglas O'Neil, Jr. and Sam Chalker. Sam Chalker and Linda Nelson. Douglas O'Neil, Jr. and Linda Nelson.

The Cocktail Hour Production Program
"The Cocktail Hour" in the press

1/14/10 - 1/30/10
by William Inge

Eight people spend a night snowed in at a roadside diner. A poignant look at the lives and romances of everyday people. Don't miss this Broadway classic from Pulitzer prize-winner William Inge.

Bus Stop poster Lee Fowler (left), Mel Christian From left: Mel Christian, Tavi Juarez, Holly Croney Dikeman. Holly Croney Dikeman. Brett Blaylock (left), Holly Croney Dikeman. Mike Bratton (left), Lee Fowler.
Clockwise from far left: Gordon Pate, Brett Blaylock, Holly Croney Dikeman, Mike Bratton, Ron Bourdages, Tavi Juarez, Mel Christian. From left: Ward Haarbauer, Tavi Juarez, Gordon Pate. Clockwise from far left: Ron Bourdages, Mel Christian, Tavi Juarez, Gordon Pate, Mike Bratton, Holly Croney Dikeman, Brett Blaylock.

Directed by Ward Haarbauer.
Featuring Tavi Juarez (Elma), Mel Christian (Grace), Mike Bratton (Will), Holly Dikeman (Cherie), Lee Fowler (Carl), Gordon Pate (Dr. Lyman), Ron Bourdages (Virgil), Brett Blaylock (Bo).

Bus Stop Production Program
"Bus Stop" in the Press

3/4/10 - 3/20/10
by John Bishop

Whodunit? Join us in Chappaqua, New York in December of 1940. Secret passages are everywhere. No one's who they appear to be. Characters are dying right and left. Victims of the Stage Door Slasher. The producers are trying to resurrect the play that was killed. And you won't be safe either. But you'll be dying from laughter. "Don't look in the closet!"

Directed by Stephen French.
Featuring Gabrielle Metz (Helsa Wenzel), Rachel Clevenger (Elsa Von Grossenkneuten) Ulysses Petty (Michael Kelly), Nick Crawford (Eddie McCuen), Kelsey Sherrer (Nikki Crandall), Ellise Mayor (Marjorie Baverstock), Julie Meadows (Bernice Roth), Lee Griner (Roger Hopewell), G. Dwayne Johnson (Ken De la Maize), and Bates Redwine (Patrick O'Reilly).

Musical Comedy Murders Production Program
"The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" in the press

4/22/10 - 5/8/10
by Sarah Ruhl

A woman answers a cell phone belonging to a recently deceased stranger. This single well-intentioned decision entangles her in a world very different than her own. You, too, will be drawn in by this imaginative comedy.

Jessica Clark (Jean) Hube Dodd (Gordon) Debbie Smith (Mrs. Gottlieb) Camille Spratling (Hermia) Kevin Van Hyning (Dwight) Meredith Murphy McLemore (The Stranger)
Promotional poster
Did you have any 10 minutes ago? Remembering requires paper. Gordon didn't tell you very much, did he? I wouldn't normally tell you that but I've had a lot to drink at this point.
There is, thank God, a vaulted ceiling here. You can still listen to the others, you know. Dwight, why don't you carve. I hate sentiment. I like it when a woman knows she's beautiful.

Directed by Edward C. Miller.
Featuring Jessica Clark (Jean), Hube Dodd (Gordon), Debbie Smith (Mrs. Gottlieb), Camille Spratling (Hermia), Kevin Van Hyning (Dwight), Meredith Murphy McLemore (The Stranger).

Dead Man's Cell Phone Production Program

6/10/10 - 6/26/10
by John Cariani

Set in the remote town of Almost, Maine, this collection of two-character vignettes finds the town's residents falling in and out of love. Join them in the middle of winter in this perfect date play for all ages. Spend a frozen summer evening with BFT.

Promotional Poster

Directed by Ellise Mayor.
Featuring Marsh Adams, Shawn Castle, Rita Cowen, Kimberly Kirklin, Phillip Kirschberg, Amanda Maddox, Stephen Mangina, Jennifer Price, Michele Santiago, Virginia Mae Schmitt, Ty Taylor.

Almost, Maine Production Program
"Almost, Maine" in the Press

07/22/10 - 08/07/10
by Jack Kirkland

This gripping classic will delight and astound you with its humorous and biting look at the lives of sharecropper Jeeter Lester and his family, trapped by poverty in rural Georgia as their living standards steadily decline. This powerful drama, adapted from the controversial novel by Erskine Caldwell, invites us to laugh at our shortcomings.

Tobacco Road Production Program


On Sunday evening, December 13, 2009, the Birmingham Area Theatre Alliance (BATA) held its annual Holiday Party at Birmingham Festival Theatre (BFT) in Five Points South.

BATA was founded in 2002 by local troupes to foster cooperation in the theatre community and to promote live theatre for the metropolitan Birmingham population.

Lou Dina of DinaGraphics took photographs at the event.

Haden Gaines Marsh Gallery Dedication

On April 22, 2010, BFT dedicated its lobby art gallery to Haden Gaines Marsh. Haden was married to Randy Marsh, one of BFT's founding directors. In the theatre's earliest years, she tirelessly served as casting assistant, costumer, chef, properties mistress.... If Randy needed it, Haden was there to do it. BFT honors her talent, commitment, and supportive spirit.

Lou Dina of DinaGraphics took photographs at the event.

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