2010 - 2011 at BFT

09/16/10 - 10/2/10
by Jane Martin
Directed by Chris Lawson

Martin's characters are hilarious and disturbing, endearing and frightening, but mainly they are an insightful exploration of the human experience through the lives of various women. A snake handler, a woman two days into the labor of childbirth, a tattooed woman, a would-be kitty killer … and they're just getting started! Spend an evening with 11 women, some you know, some you've imagined, and some you'll hope never to meet.


FIFTEEN MINUTES, with Ellise Pruitt Mayor
SCRAPS, with Annalisa Keuler Crews
AUDITION, with Camille Spratling
CLEAR GLASS MARBLES, with Ginny S. Loggins
RODEO, with Penny Thomas
TWIRLER, with Caroline Page
LAMPS, with Jane Trechsel
HANDLER, with Holly Croney Dikeman
DRAGONS. with Mindy Wester
FRENCH FRIES, with Adriana Keathley
MARKS, with Susan Johnson Lawrence

Talking With... Production Program
Four of Five Stars from Alec Harvey of the Birmingham News
Karyn Zweifel (The Red Mountain Post): "Funny, Sad, Startling and Wistful"

11/04/10 - 11/20/10
by Kenneth Lonergan
Directed by John Batson

The story of Jeff, a luckless young security guard trying to get his life together after being thrown out of the navy. But the lobby proves to be no sanctuary from the world, as Jeff is drawn into a local murder investigation involving his supervisor, a tightly wound young man called on to bear witness against his troubled brother, and an overzealous rookie policewoman who is in over her head with her unscrupulous hero-cop partner.

Jonathan Hinnen as Jeff
Don Cano as William
Douglas O'Neil, Jr. as Bill
Maggie Ballard as Dawn

Lobby Hero Production Program
ABC 33/40's "Talk of Alabama" segment on "Lobby Hero"

01/13/11 - 01/29/11
by Joe Orton
Directed by Mel Christian

As a completely unethical detective closes in, charming young reprobates Hal and Dennis frantically attempt to hide the money they have stolen from a local bank. Meanwhile Hal’s deceased mother lies in state. The solution? Move the corpse and stash the ill-gotten lucre in the coffin. The result? Sordid mayhem from one of Britain’s funniest playwrights. Orton’s cheeky masterpiece is a subversive satire on love, death, faith, authority, and the pursuit of ... loot! Adult language and situations.

Ward Haarbauer
Victoria Ward
Richard Taylor Campbell
Christoph Hooks
Edwin Booth
William Brisky

Loot Production Program

03/03/11 - 03/19/11
by Mark Brown
Directed by Janelle Cochrane

Join us for the nonstop comic madness of this 2007 adaptation of the Jules Verne classic tale, in which the intrepid Phileas Fogg and an astounding number of characters break cultural sensitivity into teeny tiny bits and stomp them flat. This trot around the globe is not so much travel as it is channel-flipping through outrageous networks you never even knew were broadcasting.

Around the World in 80 Days - Production program

04/21/11 - 05/07/11
by Nilo Cruz
Directed by Edward C. Miller

Picture yourself in 1920's Tampa, Florida, rolling cigars—all day. Could be tedious, yes? But what if a well-dressed, well-spoken person read classic novels to you while you toiled in agrarian silence? Novels like Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Novels that turn out to portray the world occurring around you. This 2003 Pulitzer Prize-winning play shows life in art, brings art to life, and smolders somewhere between the two.

Don Cano
Chalo Gurmendi
Sigfredo Rubio
Michelle Griffo
Jessica Knight
Beth Kitchin
David Seale

Don Cano Chalo Gurmendi Sigfredo Rubio Michelle Griffo
Jessica Knight Beth Kitchin David Seale

Anna in the Tropics - Production Program
Playwright Nilo Cruz talks about 'Anna in the Tropics'
Review: Birmingham Festival Theatre's 'Anna in the Tropics' an elegant trip to another era (5 stars)
WBHM Tapestry segment on "Anna in the Tropics"

06/09/11 - 06/25/11
by Lee Blessing
Directed by Don Sandley

Blessing brings the legendary Ty Cobb to life as record-breaking statistics, infamous temper, fierce competitiveness, and personal triumphs are portrayed in flashback memories of the aging and (to hear him tell it) unappreciated superstar. "They" say we need heroes, and likely we do. But come see what one of those heroes has to say about "them."

The Peach - James Kitchens
Ty - James Ward
Mr. Cobb - John Falkenberry
Oscar - Brandon McCray

Cobb Production Program
Birmingham production of Ty Cobb drama examines life of baseball legend
'Cobb' at Birmingham Festival Theatre: No home run, but a strong double

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