Goulash Comedy proudly presents "Comedy at The Theatre" our newest monthly comedy night at Birmingham Festival Theatre in beautiful 5 Points downtown!

Each month we will bring you two distinct comedy shows at one of Birmingham's best theaters.

The 1st show of the evening is called "Storyteller" and will consist of local and nationally known stand up comedians doing longer sets. It's named after the famous statue that sits in 5 Points! It will be hosted by a rotating group of comedians.

The 2nd show of the night is called “ FAME!”and will be hosted by Peter Davenport and Chris Ivey. Comedians and local friends will get up and tell a story about meeting someone famous while Chris and Peter interject questions/funny opinions. At the end of each story, audience members can ask the storyteller questions. It's interactive and a great time! You never who will come up in the story!

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