Did you know you can now choose your seating ahead of time without having to beat the rush?*

Here is how with a quick tutorial.

*If using an iOS Device (phone, iPod, tablet) you will not be able to choose your own seats. The seats will be assigned by "best available" in each section. If you need to request specific seats contact info@bftonline.org to purchase your tickets via box office.


Step One.

As you are checking out take a look at your order info. Below the amount of tickets you will see seats chosen for you with an edit button underneath.

checkout 2.png

Step Two.

After clicking edit, the screen will show you the seating chart. Click on any section and you will be presented with a more detailed seating chart.

checkout 3.png

Step Three.

Click on any available seat you would like.

checkout 4.png

Step Four.

Add the ticket type that suits your needs from the pop up box. The ticket(s) will appear in the selected ticket box located to the right of the screen.

checkout 5.png

Step Five.

There is an X button to the right of the seat(s) if you need to remove selected seats.

checkout 6.png

Step Six.

Now that you have removed the ticket for the seat(s) that were automatically generated for you, the screen should reflect you seats you are about to purchase. The green squares are yours! Once you are satisfied with your seating, move forward to the checkout.

checkout 7.png

Step Seven.

Your order info will now be updated with the new seats and you are free to finish checking out! See you at the show!